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About Curse/Noroi呪い

The Curse's history is is human history itself.

呪術代行About Curse/Noroi呪い

The Curse's history is is human history itself.

Surprisingly knowing,Peking man used the curse in his daily life more than 500.000 years ago.
Since burying,they put red iron powder aside from the dead.It is said that would be the primative curse.These actions had been changing for long term,but also still keep the primary purpose in the present day.
The curse's primary purpose is that is given something spiritual power in nature through the magic word,spell,spiritual utensil and ceremony,to control it. If one were to say,it is the tecnology of Integration with God.

Originally, making a sacrifice to God for praying for a good harvest,pray for rain,recover from an illness , the play since long time ago is changed as curce with unique word which had changed as spell in each time.It must be the primitive origin of the curse.
However,do you think that curse does not exist more in the 21st Century, furthermore you deny the existence of the curse nothing at all?
According to the research,70 percent of japanese still believe existence of curse even now.
What make people fascinate? The reason why is that when people are eager to realize a dream,feel an emotion such as ambitious it may be to generate the spiritual power from your heart.
It is considered one of curse's effect from the viewpoint of psychology as well.

Ushi no koku mairi(丑の刻参り)

The straw doll we offer is bing used as the item of curse ceremony in various scenes in Japan with highly reputation.
Because,our curse is the last resort to resolve the problem of human relationship lawfully and effectively.

We can put a curse someone who you want to do it on your behalf.
We have the professional shamans who have the high experience about curse.
Until now,since we started it in Japan in 1960, more than 10.000 achievements.

In case of put a curse by yourself

It's currently believed that straw grass has spiritual power so that the doll which makes from straw can control energy of the human. Believe the curse,the pure faith has your curse stronger.

We would like to introduce the traditional japanese curse methods to you.
Use it on your own responsibility.

Protective charm

We have the traditional custom that put the straw doll as the Protective charm in house. You can see the straw rope in shrine,the custom remains today. To protect from evil,we dedicate the straw doll on northeast(It is belived that evil comes form this direction). When the straw doll comes to pieces,it means he protected you from evil.い。

Recover from an illness

Same as Ushi No koku mairi,Drive a nail to the part of your health problem on counterclockwise from the right hand with strong will.

The magic of love

Put target's something (hair,nail,peel...or paper with the name,the piece of cloth... anything ok) into the straw doll. Treat it carefully.
Each middle of the night,wisper to him how much you love.
Keep do it for one week. Don't show it anyone.